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Climate change due to the prolonged use of fossil fuels has placed humans on the verge of being unable to recover from its effects on our planet. Now, more than ever, climate change is being taken seriously across the globe. Germany, a worldwide leader in low carbon energy, recently had a press release stating that “the share of renewable energies in gross electricity consumption in the first quarter of 2020 is around 52 percent” (Bdew, 2020). Germany, and a handful of other countries are leading the way in low carbon energy sources and provide a model that other countries can…


In today’s society we expect our leaders to protect us and to do what is in the best interest of humanity as a whole. After thousands of years to perfect the art of leading and establishing laws to protect the people, the leaders of today seem to be right where we were in early civilizations, such as the people of ancient Mesopotamia from over 3000 years ago. This article intends to identify why ancient laws and leaders had the interest of their people in mind while modern laws and leaders only seem to be interested in their own best…

The relationship of leadership to the teams of an organization determines the success of an organization, or in the case of a small organization, its demise (Valdiserri & Wilson, 2010). A leader with key traits will lead to a successful team, thus a successful organization. “Leadership effectiveness considered as an outcome when individuals in the positions of leadership are able to impact on a group to perform their roles with positive organizational outcomes” (Madanchian, et. al., 2017). Leadership affects a broad range of people large and small and span the globe. Ineffective leaders will lead to a high turnover rate…

Blake Goodwin

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